Eating Chocolate Before Bed: Is It a Bad Idea?

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 4, 2017 9:21:10 AM

Chocolate season is upon us: during the week of Valentine’s Day, a mind-blowing 58 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased. Not that we really need an excuse to indulge in the world’s most popular sweet, mind you – the average American eats nearly 10 pounds of chocolate annually. In the last decade or so, global studies have found numerous health benefits associated with chocolate consumption, including the power of antioxidants and flavanols, making it even easier to justify that daily truffle habit. But for maximum health benefits, be mindful of what time of day you sneak a snack. Eating chocolate before bed may disrupt sleep and cause other problems. It all comes down to what type and how much.

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Test Your Mattress & Sleep Knowledge

Posted by Julie Tramonte on May 2, 2016 11:11:10 AM

“Happy Monday, students! Prepare yourselves, we’re going to be taking a pop quiz this morning.”

Remember the nightmare of hearing that come out of your teacher's mouth? But fear not, the quizzes we have for you this morning are easy. And, you’ll want to take them because the Better Sleep Council has created them to help you get better sleep (duh). And we all want that, right?

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Tips For Making Overnight Guests Comfortable This Holiday

Posted by Julie Tramonte on Dec 3, 2015 4:00:41 PM

“Come visit us during the holidays! You’re more than welcome!”

Did those words really come out of your mouth? They must have because now here you are, trying to create a comfortable place for your guests to sleep this upcoming holiday.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had overnight guests, here are some tips for making them feel super comfortable and welcome. These tips serve as a guide even if you don't have a designated guest room.

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Verlo Mattress Gives Back To The Community

Posted by Julie Tramonte on Nov 25, 2015 10:01:44 AM
Our Verlo Mattress Family helped to build hope, dignity and camaraderie while building 12 mattress sets that were donated to a local United Way organization.
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How to Measure Mattress Height

Posted by Julie Tramonte on Sep 22, 2015 1:57:45 PM
To ensure your new mattress set is the right height for your bed, it's important to measure your current set from the bottom of the foundation - not the floor.
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