Sleep in the Movies

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 13, 2017 11:32:06 AM

SLEEP IS A BIG part of your day, even though you're not actually conscious while you're doing it. If you're doing it right, you'll spend one third of your life with your eyes closed and your brain flitting through dreamland, enjoying the restorative power of deep slumber. 

Hollywood is fascinated with the mysteries of sleep, and there are many great movies on the subject. Since scientists are still unsure about much of what goes on in the human brain during sleep and dreaming, there's a lot of room for the imagination to take over the storytelling. Whether you prefer a rom-com or a horror flick, there's a great movie about sleep out there to suit your tastes. 

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Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Oasis

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 12, 2017 10:00:00 AM

YOUR BEDROOM IS more than the perfect place to get necessary shut-eye. It is also a place to focus on your sensual and romantic needs - especially during the month we celebrate Valentine's Day. Whether you enjoy your bedroom by yourself or with a partner, make your bedroom a place to throw off the cares of the day and focus on your needs or those of another. Learn how to remake your bedroom into a place for romance and pleasure today.

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Best Mattress for Couples

Posted by Julie Tramonte on Feb 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Do you and your partner battle over the thermostat? Argue whether to watch a romantic comedy or an action movie? Struggle with the decision to eat Italian or Chinese?

If you’re like most couples, you’ve learned that compromise is the name of the game for a happy relationship. (That is, if you want to stay a couple.) Sometimes you get your way, other times you have to grin and bear with your partner getting his way. But, what happens when you can’t agree on something really important, like an investment that affects your productivity, health and mood on a daily basis?

Yes, I’m talking about your mattress.

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Winter Getaways for Every Budget

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 10, 2017 10:00:00 AM

WINTER CAN DO a number on your normally cheerful disposition. The extra hours of darkness in December and January can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms and leave you feel sluggish at best and depressed at worst. If that weren't enough, the onslaught of cold winds, rain, sleet and snow may make you want to hide away until spring finally shows up.

If you're feeling the full weight of winter on your shoulders this season, why not get away from it for a bit? A long weekend getaway could be just the thing to shake off the seasonal blues and recharge to get through the rest of the winter. You don't have to spend a fortune – though you can, if you have it! Try our ideas for a winter getaway. We've arranged them from farthest away to close to home choices, so you're sure to find one that works for you.

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Learn to Sleep Together

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 9, 2017 3:16:12 PM

SHARING A BED is an exciting milestone for most couples, but it's not all champagne and rose petals. It can be daunting to make the transition from sleeping alone to being a sleeping duo. In your single days, you could roll yourself in the blankets like a burrito, eat cookies in bed, and smack the snooze button as many times as you could get away with.

Now, you’ve got someone else’s schedule and habits to consider. If your new sleeping arrangement has one or both of you tossing and turning, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help everyone get some much-needed shut-eye.

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Bedtime Gifts for Your Valentine

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 8, 2017 1:25:25 PM

WHEN IT COMES to Valentine's Day gifts, chocolate and flowers are certainly at the top of everyone's list, perhaps followed by a fancy night out at a great restaurant. While those items are certainly romantic – if not terribly creative – they don't last very long. Once you chow down on the goodies and the last petal drops from that bouquet, Valentine's Day is just a memory.

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Napping Here, There and Everywhere

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 7, 2017 1:44:31 PM

THERE IS NOTHING like a good night’s sleep. And if you didn't get one last night, you might need a power nap to help you get through the day. The trouble is that you do not always have the ability to sleep on a nice mattress during your lunch hour. Where else can you sleep? Here are a few ideas on spots for sneaking in a nap. 

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Have You Fallen Out of Love with Your Mattress?

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 6, 2017 12:45:01 PM


Do you ever wake up and wish you had a chiropractor right in your bedroom to put you back into shape? It may be your mattress.

After years of regular use, there comes a time when a mattress needs to be retired and replaced with something new. Here’s what you need to know about the lifespan of your mattress.

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Should You Go to Bed Angry?

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 5, 2017 1:20:26 PM

When stressed out, it is far too easy to get into an argument with a significant other, family member or friend. What is the best way to approach sleep when you are riled up from a conflict? Is it better to “sleep on it” and talk over the issue in the morning or another time when you are calm or should you push through to settle an argument before heading off to sleep? How should you approach conflict and emotional upset when it is time to get a decent night’s sleep? Weigh your options and your ability to de-stress as you decide on your best course of action.

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Eating Chocolate Before Bed: Is It a Bad Idea?

Posted by Sleeping Beauty on Feb 4, 2017 9:21:10 AM

Chocolate season is upon us: during the week of Valentine’s Day, a mind-blowing 58 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased. Not that we really need an excuse to indulge in the world’s most popular sweet, mind you – the average American eats nearly 10 pounds of chocolate annually. In the last decade or so, global studies have found numerous health benefits associated with chocolate consumption, including the power of antioxidants and flavanols, making it even easier to justify that daily truffle habit. But for maximum health benefits, be mindful of what time of day you sneak a snack. Eating chocolate before bed may disrupt sleep and cause other problems. It all comes down to what type and how much.

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